Side effects of E-Cigarettes

Electronic cigarette or E-cigarette, this is the one of the habits developed in young generation. In 2014, the e-cigarette coming to the market as a nicotine replacement device, as a treatment for  the cigarettes smoker for quit smoking for a time period, as because of the stylish use of an this e-cigarettes, young generations are more habitual with this e-cigarettes.

This e-cigarettes having nicotine plus some flavoring agents. Therefore due to the overuse of these e-cigarettes which is also called as ‘Wapping’, there is the high content of nicotine goes into the blood and therefore the young generations having developing the habit of using it, as it is used for the quit smoking there is developed the habit of an e-cigarettes.

Therefore government has to take the actions to at least we are using these as an treatment device but it is gone into the public as a habit and therefore it is banned today and which is very good thing, because it is most of the European, American as well as the Indian young generations are developing the habit of using the e-cigarettes and ideally the E-cigar should be given on the prescription of an doctor which the patient which are on to quit smoking but it is easily available in the markets therefore it is misused now-a-days.